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Steven OnojaI love being able to step outside and join the crowd of passerby’s as they observe all the beautifully colored store fronts. More often than not you can find me walking home from meeting, taking the scenic route down Houston, head bopping to the latest jams on my iphone-pod. Since 99% of the time I’ll be coming from the meeting you can see me dressed like this Comfy but formal Cue the Beatles. “I get by with a little help from my friends” and I really do thanks to my new knit tie and tie bar from Bows N Ties. All you need are those two little guys to add any ‘oomf’ to a lacking wardrobe, men. It also must be said that they are a bit more casual in nature and also look great with their new colored tie bars as well as linen pocket squares that are handmade in Italy.
Steven OnojaSteven Onoja
Today we’re discussing Fall/Winter layers! Sure with the cold, you may have counted out these pieces in your wardrobe but let’s not forget the shifting nights when it can become breezy at the same time, especially if it rains. Or if you have some events coming up like a dinner, outside/rooftop party, or even a cruise! these staples will come in handy.
Steven OnojaSteven OnojaI’m wearing their Two piece blazer from Victim styled with brown chine trousers, a matching Multi colored check shirt, green details in the tie and of course shoes from Coach (for when it gets cold) Simple, comfortable and masculine. make sure to give this style a try!
Steven Onoja
Wearing my favorite Multi Colored Check by Twillory You can never go wrong with it. I like to add subtle standout pieces from Victim clothing japan while
still maintaining a clean and classic look.
Steven OnojaSteven Onoja
Photo by: Sasha Israel Photography
Location: Soho, NY



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