Weekend Casual

Steven OnojaThe holiday season is right around the corner. Fathers, mothers daughters, and sons around the world ask yourself this “Have I picked up the perfect gift?”
Steven OnojaSteven OnojaSteven OnojaSteven Onoja
The best thing to do when it comes to men’s Christmas gift, is to keep things clean and classic. Let me be of some assistance and introduce you to Weekend Casual. Translated to unusual ground in American, Weekend Casual is a new men’s accessories line that will provide style, confidence, comfort and edge to your look.
Steven OnojaSteven OnojaSteven Onoja
Details – One of the details I really like about the collection is the color, while you still get the construction of a tie, the light weight and tone gives it a diverse feel stylistically. We were inspired by the various engines from the workshop, while it also provided a great backdrop to the color of the monochrome ties. Photographer Roland Agli took the role of providing the visuals for the imagery in this post, as always it’s a pleasure working with him.
Steven Onoja
When it comes to tie, tie bar and socks what’s the first thing that comes to mind? to be classic, bold, elegant etc. Weekend casual has really done a great job. We have seen so much Ties this past season, by now I would have thought that I would be sick of it already ( F/W 2014 there will be a lot more ties so get used to it ). As long as its executed nicely I’m always on board with it.
Steven OnojaSteven OnojaSteven OnojaSteven Onoja
Steven Onoja
Suits – Cremieux
Shirts – Cremieux
Glasses – Raen
Tie – Weekend Casual
Tie bar – Weekend Casual
Pocket square – Weekend Casual
Socks – Weekend Casual
Watch – Jonathan CT
Shoes – Noah Waxman
Steven OnojaSteven OnojaSteven OnojaSteven Onoja
As always I want to thank you guys, the readers who support me on each collaboration and endeavor I take on. Make sure to tag me: @Stevenonoja #Stevenonoja in your photos, so I can see how you styled my pieces! You can pick up product from the winter collection on their webstore, 30% off when you use my discount code “STEVENONOJA” Purchase now.
Steven OnojaSteven Onoja
Photo by – Roland Agli
Location – Washington, DC.



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