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I’m all about taking photos at any given time of the day, but my favorite time is that precious hour just before sundown. I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw such a gorgeous sunset with a spectacular view in Harlem at 125th street. Uptown is pretty much uncharted territory for me. I really should explore this part of the city more often, considering some areas of it is just a few steps away on the subway from my good friend Eliezer Infante of place.

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Sunglasses by Raen Optics sunglasses with an updated in style and are handmade design. What’s old is new again, with a twist. It seems the major difference between today’s wayfarers, and an ‘80’s pair is the materials from which they are made. It would seem that designers have time traveled into the past for inspiration for this year’s sunglass styles. However these particular pair is crafted from

Sunglasses can give a man a sense of style and swagger when the right glasses are chosen. The wrong glasses can make him look like a nerd. Choosing the right shades for a man is a delicate balance and also sunglasses are helpful because the sun emits harmful rays that can permanently damage eyes, protecting them with sunglasses is your best defense. Sunglasses can offer a host of other benefits as well. Lenses can be specially crafted for outdoor sports fanatics, to reduce sun glare or to be purely cosmetic.

The look is simple and highlights the warm summer. Simple oxygen shoes with trouser, t-shirt with a blazer over a perfect for an afternoon stroll. Limited accessories and muted colors keep the form uncluttered. There is nothing better than simple wardrobe choices. As many may know we’re no strangers when it comes to incorporating color into our outfits, especially the right type/color of pop. We were asked to understand the sunglasses from our standpoint and how we would wear them normally.

One of the details I really like about their product is the color, while you still have the creative control to play with it whatever way you like and still gives it a different feel of cool.

Black Nera – Raen Optics Sunglasses
Denim Button down – Top Shop
Watch – Guess
Trouser – Levis Commuter Slacks
Sandals – huaraches

Raen Optics – Fred Segal
Brown Vintage Hat – Capas Design
Stripe t-shirt – Glamours Kill
Pocket square – Zara
Navy Blue Belt – Zara
Vintage Blazer – Halston Halsuede
Trouser – Vintage slim, J. crew
Footwear – Oxygen Shoes, Topman

I want to thank the good folks at Raen Optics for the sunglasses, You can pick up product of their colorful sunglasses on their website or at retailers which going from $117.00 to $250.00.

I am looking forward to bringing you guys more products and concepts from the mind of Steven Onoja. Photographer Ada Ngozi Emihe took the Privilege of providing the Insight for the imagery in this post, as always it’s a pleasure working with her.

Photo credit: Ada Ngozi Emihe of
Location: 125th street



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