Ostentation & Style x Solmate socks “mismatched”

I am extremely happy about this project, few months ago I came across Solmate Socks at the Capsule NYC and it was a great experiences. Marianne Wakerlin, the Socklady is the founder and owner of Solmate Socks and the brand has been around since 2000. The company is run in a small town in central Vermont, where the Socklady is surrounded and inspired by the woods, brook, gardens and hills of the countryside. I couldn’t wait to share the full journey with you all. Introducing some of our favorite brands, which are making Wave we think you should know about.

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When the weather gets chilly, nothing knocks a comfortable pair of socks, warm and soft. Solmate colorful socks are impeccable mismatch, share the same styles and the same pattern, each socks relations colors for a chromatically agreeable take on the classic case of mismatched socks. The color preparations will contrast for each sock, but expect a preparation of spring styles such as rich gold, dark greens, deep purples and chocolate browns. Really “Life’s too short for matching socks.” www.socklady.com

The great object about this, is the bold colors for this season. However, the socks is artistic. What it’s always been, the rich color mixture forms a entire new look for a well dress man.

You can pick up product of their colorful mismatching socks on their website or at retailers which going from $15.99 to $20.00.

I am looking forward to bringing you guys more products and concepts from the mind of Steven Onoja. Photographer Oye Diran took the Privilege of providing the Insight for the imagery in this post, as always it’s a pleasure working with him.

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