Ostentation & Style x New Balance 420

I’m a pretty basic guy when it comes to my shoe choices, I stick to dark colours and minimal detailing, so I was intrigued to see how these bad boys would fit in with my wardrobe turns out, pretty well. I’m currently so content with the fact that for the recent weeks I’ve been able to switch my mood status from why is it already dark outside? into available for bright hours. I know this is way different from what i usually do, but sometimes we all need step out our comfort zone.

Starting with the idea wearing all Waterproof jacket by LLBean, I wanted to wear the pants that rugged and raw and my vintage rugby pants will work perfectly well. “Ruff” other fine fabric, worn by men and women in the 16th and 17th centuries. The only thought that crossed my mind. so I took a shot. Brown colored knit sweater and mustard New Balance sneakers. With the waterproof they’re great for rainy days and also be wore on a business or causal occasion. Nothing can quite compare to the look and feel of pure silk. The fit is impeccable and the feel a spectacular brick color or a natural shade. There is an in-between period cold for a lightweight topcoat and warm for a full fledged overcoat. This outer garment, striking a nice balance between topcoat and overcoat, is the answer.

New Balance is one of my favorite footwear at the moment, these shoes should prove to be as comfortable as they are stylish. yellow uppers, beige-brown lace and chocolate-brown details shared across the model while still complementing the contrast between these elements through their matching lace eyelets. In any way, the reaction was quite diverse, ranging from amazed looks of appreciation to “Dude, what are you doing?” kind of looks.

My jeans are rolled, and I’m wearing low top shoes. Form now on I will never, repeat NEVER wear full length pants or low top shoes. Ever. But you gotta try these things, and I’m kinda into it. Your thoughts on this matter of utmost importance would be much appreciated.

I had a fun time anyways and I received a couple compliments also. Special thanks to Oye Diran for being my patient photographs!

Photo by – Oye Diran of www.aristaimagery.tumblr.com
Location – Manhattan, New York.



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