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Now this is a stunner, now this is Kato’s brand! The look I’ve put together here was inspired by styling from as early as the late days in high school with a modern touch. It’s a little different than what I would usually go for but that’s what makes things a little more interesting. This look is definitely more of a grown up look, for example the chinos I am wearing has a taller length with a slim cut lending itself to the smooth style. I also made sure I got hold of this beautiful imperial collar shirt, which is usually worn only at special occasions such as wedding.

It maybe spring but it looks like summer and you can never go wrong with a sleeve shirt. It will work with a variety of pieces in a young gent’s wardrobe.

Their fabrics are mostly from Japan. “Every piece in the KATO collection is inspired by the artistic essence of Kyoto, designed with you in mind, and constructed with care by the most experienced craftsmen.”

“Through wear and over the course of time, KATO garments will continue to improve, adapt, and evolve with you.” Hiroshi Kato, through his perfection of fabric and design, makes KATO more than just a garment. He brings you his passion for timeless, vintage clothing that evolves with you. The artisan clothing is designed with you in mind.

We all are big fan of Plain white shirts! They’re still on trend because they can never go out of style, so get involved. Kato’s brand keeps the fit slim, as you want to wear with a tie. White shirt are good and work well on their own, or with a solid blazer, they are not difficult to wear with a tie, in general. I would stick to solids and university stripes, and then move to subtle checks or glen plaids. There are a ton of good shirt makers out there these days, one of my first suggestions will be Kato’s clothing and their prices range is affordable. click here!

All their bottoms are sewn in their factory in Los Angeles. The tops are sewn in Shanghai in a Japanese owned factory. “The factory we sew in LA is one of the best wash houses in the U.S. and develop and wash for big names in the premium market including Agave, Hudson, Seven, Diesel, G-Star, etc.”

It’s made from fine Japaneses cotton and designed by the one and only Kato’s brand. This check print shirt is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. A statement monochrome piece worn with any kind of jacket or even in a more casual fashion, either way it will definitely have you looking as sharp as a razor. Not only that, but will be great for spring/summer (when it decides to show up) as it is made from breathable material that is great for layering with.
Now this is the perfect time to do a little shopping during your break but most importantly, you get to party and celebrate your holiday weekend in style.


Photo by: Kwame Dwumah Brimpong of http://www.kwamedwumahbrimpong.com/
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey



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