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I grabbed this hat from urban outfitters earlier this week and I really cannot get enough of it. It’s a wide-brim grey fedora hand-made from wool, and one that I’ve been searching for a very long time. Hats have been commercialized as a trend, and sure you can pick up your smalls, mediums and larges from the odd shop on the high street, but you’ll probably find it won’t fit and that as a result it will look tacky and cheap. While I’m not saying they’re all that bad (I’ve seen some great ones from Onassis) I’m definitely saying that the hand-made ones go a long way. Check out Uniqlo, check out Christys’, and if they’re a touch too expensive, there’s even discount shops out and about, or great stalls in places such as thrift stores.

The History of Fedora
1882: The hat gets his name from the French play Fedora, by Victorien Sardou.
1920-1930s: The fedora gets associated with gangsters like Al Capone and the detectives who chased them. This stylish piece of headwear was also highly popularized in the films of the 1940s and 1950s, especially by actors playing mobsters or private investigators, whose ensembles were often accompanied by a trench coat.
1940-1950s: Famous entertainers like Humphrey Bogart and Frank Sinatra made the fedora part of their film and stage repertoire, causing production of the fedora to soar.
1970s: The younger generation had adopted the baseball cap over the fedora. Older men continued to wear the classic hat that they had grown up with

Hat talk over – I wanted to wear it with a cool (talking temperature here) look for the fall fashion. Suits, otherwise known as the gentlemen, are well appropriate for all guys. Women seem to pull off the men’s Suits look very well but for some reason people often consider the Suits as overdressed on a day to day basis, probably because of its associations with the older once. So I wanted to balance it out – I decided to wear it with some of my floral tie and camo shoes, and keep it simple.

Here’s another outfit ensemble for you from my own personal wardrobe. As you already know I am a huge fan of vintage and modern tailoring. I have a range of new, old and vintage pieces. With this collective I was going for a modern, vintage look. I wanted to wear a formal outfit, but by adding colour it brought a whole new feel to my look. My vintage, green Hickey freeman suit, Strip Socks from Gallant Beau brightened up my color palette. The great thing about this Suit is that it a three button, which makes you look classic.

As a result I ended up with some kind of mobster-chic look, which definitely requires a bit of confidence to pull off as a young man. You have to be comfortable leaving the house with just a suit; hence I picked up a package from easy money clothing, which you can see in the bag an holding. If you want to remain smart yet seem as if you’re downplaying your outfit, a suit and a shirt isn’t actually a bad option, providing you smarten up with a good pair of shoes.

Unfortunately the sun seems to be leaving us so it might not quite be so viable anymore, but a suit and a jacket isn’t exactly a sin, though with general dinner decorum I prefer to keep the jacket off – that’s just personal tastes. Go for simple colors if you’re going to try on just the suit; you can never go wrong with blues, grey or blacks. The burgundy would equally be nice as a suit, casually put together with a white shirt and worn with sock.

Hope you guys like outfit and the photos, Thanks to my brother Shola Bashorun for the awesome images. I guess the key things to remember for those wanting to wear Suits are to remain comfortable and confident, and please, don’t put you in an awkward moment on the underground.

Green Suits – Hickey Freeman
White Shirt – Zara
Floral Tie – Brice d’ Alban
Brown Leather – J.crew
Socks – Gallant Beau
Camo Shoes – Diesel

It’s perfect look for a day full of meetings and social events.

Photo credit: Shola Bashorun of http://aqut.tumblr.com/



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