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Today was a busy day, but not really because all I did it was making bunch of stops here and there. The weather in New York has been so cold! It has been snowing for the past week now. So on this cold day I brought out one of my favorite bow tie sent to me by Bows n Ties. I had the opportunity to shoot a couple of Bows n Ties pieces from their collection. It was really exciting to work with Sasha Israel who took control of the whole shoot very well and who was very open to humorous conversations, he’s really cool person if you ask me.

Personally, I am not the big fan of bow tie it’s really unusual to catch me in one but decided to try something new today for you to see. I will say while dressing up is what makes it so Good. The collar of the shirt is absolutely gorgeous. I’m not even going to get started on the Ben Sherman Suit, just allow your eyes and mind to see the art behind it.

At the end of last year I was invited to the Showroom of Ben Sherman top store in Soho, but the day before I was just walking by the store decided to stop by and take a look at their new collection, I made a visit to their Showroom at Bryant Park.

There were a lot of choices to choose from, from their classic three pieces suit to nice shades of blue suits, but I wanted something simple. I went ahead to pick three different items but had a hard time finding matching pants so unfortunately I had to drop the idea of stunting on every item present at the Show room.

What really made his whole outfit complete was the Bow tie. However, what sets Bows n Ties apart from all others is that you can be creative on how you wear them.

Keeping it simple yet mixing it with accessories that pop is my favorite way of dressing myself! That one item that really pops is the bow tie obviously and I matched it with the burgundy suit to add balance of color.

This took us a few tries too, but this had to be the most fun out of everything else. Avoiding cars was really annoying… “Drive on the sidewalk, can’t you see us shooting?” – I really didn’t say that.

I really enjoy this photo, for what reason I don’t know. We spent our time just lounging around snapping our lives away.

This post was brought to you by Ben Sherman

Photo credit: Sasha Israel
Location: Brooklyn, New York



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