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Today I was at Tennis Court and I watched my friend Denny Balmaceda plays an outstanding single match before joining him on the court. It was exciting just to watch. This allow me to consider that tennis is a great sport because it has a serious future ahead that is very much possible for virtually anyone to learn. It is a great form of exercise that allows people to move around the tennis court a very great deal thus providing them with plenty of exercise and also keep them stylish.

The benefits of tennis go far beyond simply learning good sportsmanship skills, it also goes deep into learning good skills in terms of eye coordination and even hand eye coordination just to mention a few. Another benefit of tennis is the ability to have your friends over to play against each other or relaxation.

The tennis shirts were very popular in country clubs in the eighties. In the early nineties the brand took a step back from the mass market and was only seen in county clubs. Many people thought that the brand went out of business. The brand was bought back to life by John Dowling and Alexander Tiger, who are tennis supporter and longtime fans of Boast.

I like showcasing up and coming preppy brands that everyone may not know about. I also love when an old brand comes back. That’s the story with Boast USA. For the people not familiar with the brand, Boast USA is the infamous tennis shirt brand because of its Japanese Maple Leaf that resemble to a Marijuana leaf. The well important item every man’s closet the good Boast USA. Boast USA kicked off as being tradition sportswear you’d tend to see them on tennis players and gym wear. But with anything else it eventually made its way to the “style scene” in the 1970’s. Let’s get one thing out of the way, Boast USA has an own culture of its own.

Brief History: “During the next four decades changes to men’s tennis fashion were minor. The length of shorts varied from decade to decade, as did the cut of the tennis shirts players wore during tennis tournaments. It was, however, not until 1970 that players decided to add a little color to the game. During the 1970s color was added to men’s tennis apparel for the first time since the earliest days of the sport. The change was introduced after spectators complained that the bland coloring made it difficult to distinguish between players.”

Sometimes it may be difficult finding a great pair of sportswear, the majority of them that I seem to come across are just way to heavy, bulky, and do not have such a suitable fit. Some of those clothes belong to the most beautiful tennis and lifestyle wear ever created. To a younger generation, the tennis-centric label Boast USA, with a Japanese maple leaf as its logo (though many believe it’s really just a pot leaf), seems to have magically appeared on the scene a mere two years ago, when the brand relaunched in 2010. But fans of the sport may remember that brand was actually first launched back in the 70s heyday of the sport, when tennis whites were actually all white and headbands were necessary — if only to hold back all that Bjorn Borg hair. Need a distraction? Take a gander at these vintage advertisements from the company’s original heyday, which are admittedly awesome, even if we’re seeing a bit more man-thigh than we’d like to.

I don’t know about you, but I and this warm weather really do not get along at all. We’ve all been there with those days that you are dreading, in times like these really there is only one thing in apparel that can somewhat relieve oneself from discomforting heat. But just like anything when it comes to apparel it’s all about how you wear it. Play around with various sizes and textures, you will eventually find the right feel of a shirt and short for your preferences.

Boast USA offers well tailored fitting sportswear garments for the everyday urban city roaming male. What I love about the Sportswear is that with a simple slip of the body they add a touch of maturity and refinement to your look. You can pick up product of their products on their website

As always we want to thank you guys, the readers who support us and also for my friend Denny Balmaceda of www.lookrichshopcheap.com who made all this possible. This has to be my current favorite post so far

Stylist: Denny Balmaceda of www.lookrichshopcheap.com
Photo Credit: Lordale Banosa of www.bylordaleb.4ormat.com



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