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If you like your clothes to have a bit of spirit then Bellerose is the brand for you. With an original use of color and a strong sense of individuality, Belgian brand Bellerose will help you think outside the box. Each seasonal offer reveals a unique eye for detail and the slightly quirky European styling makes it easy to blend classic wear ability with a playful twist. By modernizing classic cuts and styles, Bellerose is able to deliver a range of widely accessible garments that can be layered, mixed or matched to create a whole variety of easy, contemporary looks. By offering a mix of pieces that are conventional in shape but eclectic in color and pattern, Bellerose cannot help but create something a little bit different and ever so cool.

I’m kind of obsessed with the mismatched styling of Bellerose‘s collection and am left wondering if I, too, can pull off draping a plaid shawl their aim to encourage a use of color in the colder months, bold primaries appear throughout each look – often in the form of knitwear and bottoms. When styled with other muted hues, the result is both colorful and creative. With us now living in a time where men are more experimental with color and shape, Bellerose prove how effortless dressing creatively can be when working with the right pieces.

Sometimes the wealth of styles and unlimited choices on offer to us can just get too much. Along with being able to pick up whole suits or separate trousers, the colors and patterns the material now comes in means you’re spoilt for choice. This time around I’m still down with plaid tailoring, but with a little more attitude. Whether it’s a window pane, exploded plaid or Prince of Wales check, why not experiment with a slightly bolder pattern this season?

Dress shirts can often be too smart – particularly when you’re just starting out – so these are the perfect solution. Buy a couple of them in white and blue and wear them with everything.

Basic knitwear will be an essential component of your layering this season, and you’ll be wearing it a lot. Look for good natural fiber content; brands to check out include Quinn, Marks & Spencer, UNIQLO and Reiss.

Remember to choose something with a neutral base (like navy, grey or brown) in order to allow the pattern to become the focal of your outfit. Then pair it with classic versatile pieces like a white dress shirt, burgundy grenadine tie and white dress shoes. Shoes by n.d.c made by hand

Although color plays a large part in this distinctive collection, a subtle nod to print also makes itself known through the use of accessories. The on trend sock pop and Aztec prints are the chosen methods of execution, whilst a mix of fabrics provides an intelligent and forward thinking approach to texture.

Thank you Williamson PR & Showroom for this amazing experience!

[Photography] Pictures taken by Florian Schmitt of kidkutsmedia.de



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