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On a cloudy New York afternoon like any other, with a certain feeling of Fall nostalgia in the air, Justin and I got together to begin plotting the next destination for our photo project series, Monk Strap, Jack Erwin With our destination marked, we decided to explore the City of New York walking through mid town.
Steven OnojaIMG_0307 Steven Onoja
I decided to go for a walk down Main Street, Other than the street-side hustle, cars and art-deco of surrounding structures to keep entertained.
Steven OnojaSteven OnojaReminding myself that each piece had it’s proper place as I went along. Little does another feeling rival one of building something from nothing, looking back at the end and saying, “I made this.” That is what working hands on with automobiles does for you. Although ‘clean’ for quite sometime, the building did leave a subtle reminder on what it was like to work with such old architecture. Nothing like bomber jackets and dust on your shoes. “This wont wash out for a while.”
Steven OnojaSteven OnojaSteven OnojaYet after all is said and done we’re reminded, “The future belongs to those of us willing to get our hands dirty.”
Steven OnojaSteven OnojaDetails
Bomber Jacket – Obey clothing
White Sleeves – Calvin Klein
Tie – Glendon Lambert
Chino Pant – Obey Clothing
Shoes – Florsheim shoes
Steven Onoja Steven Onoja
New York doesn’t feel so vast until you find yourself with a road map in hand and nothing but time. It’s quite easy to get lost between the lines of interstates, surface roads, and unmarked trails. Go North? Possibly. South? Maybe.East? Perhaps, West.
The smell exuding from the cup of coffee, which was resting on the glovebox door, acted as an unwanted distraction as the morning went on. After considering even crossing borders to explore, our destination became clear. We knew where we wanted to go.
Steven OnojaSteven OnojaSteven Onoja
All photos taken by Justin Amoafo



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