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Steven OnojaThe fall and winter have been strangely kind to us in New York City with mild temperatures and other things unbeknownst to us. With good weather comes opportunities to layer comfortably and with versatility. After what I thought was a budding, illustrious collection of suits from Express Holiday Collection, they were gone in a second. After my luggage mishap on our trip to Florida I needed a new suit for the Holiday, ideally a cotton one perfect for the slightly colder weather. There is no doubt that suit are a gentleman’s best friend! Whether you are classic or simply sporty, the suit is an essential feature and a superior fashion accessory this days for every gent out there. I usually love to go with simple and more casual accessories. Suit is a necessity for every man, especially during the holiday season.Steven OnojaThis is the time to bust out your best and most fashionable attire. One of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe for this season are the Coat from Express. They are by far the most versatile Coat you can buy; the right size looks just as good worn with a suit Monday to Friday as it does a black sneakers and strip socks for a gig at the weekend.
Steven Onoja
For this post I would like to introduce you to Express, The suits stands for Simplicity. Accomplished in making suits and skilled in working with jackets. They combine these two old school and a modern look to deliver high quality work, each and every causal suiting unique.



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