Khaki suit

Steven OnojaAs much fun as pattern play and layering can be in putting together a great outfit, sometimes simple still comes out on top. Sticking with solids in all one color is one way to tune into the minimal trend but rather than going with the usual suspects like black and white, I opted to go a little bit darker with this grey tie.
Steven OnojaSteven OnojaAs it turns out, my choice of color couldn’t have been more perfect given my surroundings. We shot this series of photos in Wall Street, and wearing Khaki suit – was the perfect way to get into the summer spirit and keep it classic at the same time. I like the idea of doing the light colors in the outfits, so it’s not as overbearing as a full-all black everything. Just maybe avoid this look in white at the risk of looking flat. thoughts?
Steven Onoja
Steven OnojaIt was a fun day out with Denny and I, Travel around so we decided to visit Wall Street to spend a very productive day at our favorite spot. Denny Balmaceda have been friends for a couple years now, he’s one of the guys you’ll love to be around every now and then. Today we are both wearing Jocopiano socks from their summer collection, playful summery set. I chose to wear a white sleeves shirt, with a grey tie from Zara before I left home.
Steven OnojaWith everything so prim and proper I decided to dress according to my surroundings and go for a dapper look with my own spin. The khaki suit is from Club Monaco, which look great for summer especially when worn with a light shirt for balance. The shirt is a new piece. It’s a long-sleeved shirt which is basically replacing my short sleeve chambray for the warmer months so it couldn’t be more perfect.
Steven Onoja
Steven Onoja
The Double Monk Strap and accessories are all items which was sent to me few weeks ago and just seemed to round out the look without adding too much fuss.
Steven Onoja
Location: Wall Street, NY
Photo by: Naj Wareham



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