The Project Tradeshow, this was my first appearance at the Blogger project, It was really a great experience for me because it feels like looking behind the curtain of the present to see whats to come in the future and of course share that with you guys. Out of my favorite pieces at the show, I picked out a few and created an outfit. Let’s start with the mixed material Blazer, I fell in love with it the minute I saw them at the tent and need to shoot it. here I decided to wear it over a very innovative print shirt by J.LINDEBERG.
Steven OnojaThe Denim are by FUNDAMENTAL AGREEMENT LUXURY produces mainly denim garments which are made in the world-wide manufacturing capital for denim -. Okayama, Japan Their uncompromising products are carefully made with such incredible detail that is difficult to obtain by mass production means. The denim are amazing for one, because the feel insanely good. secondly, the fit is slick creating a super tapered look.
Steven OnojaThe combination of the denim with the stand out rugged blue, with the linen blazer is something to get used to. the shirts is perfect for the summer though, and the shoes give it an air of elegance.
Steven OnojaMy first thought of the exhibit was its diversity among brands being shown there, basically products that everyone could appreciate. The most interesting aspect of the trade show was that they provided a platform for newer brands from all over the world to showcase their product.I’m always excited to see new brands that I have never heard of because we all know the starting of any brand isn’t a simple task.
Steven OnojaIf you follow me on twitter you might have seen my tweets from great trade shows like ENK NYC. A much smaller venue but filled with hand selected distinguished brands from all over the world. The tie are from W.R.K, one of my favorite booths at the show
Steven OnojaSteven Onoja
Photography by: Naj Wareham
Location: Jacob Javits Center, Manhattan.



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