Handsewn boots

This time of year is great as this allows me to bring out this seasons specials. With this outfit I was going for a vibrant look representing a street culture, adventurous and edgy type of guy. My look I decided to go outside my comfort zone, as it was a more contemporary look, with a streetwear influence. I chose the Moose River Wool Crew Neck sweater because it’s classic and casual, especially when paired with a light wash jean, like the Thompson Lake Slim Fit Selvage Denim jeans. Then I chose a pop of color with a green jacket and green beanie. For me, though, these boots really add an edge to this outfit and make a bold statement.Steven OnojaTimberland has made their stamp all across the globe and has become a household name for most because of the things they do; from creating charity events to delivering classic designs to put on shelves and our feet.
Steven onojaSteven OnojaSteven Onoja
Don’t get me wrong loafers, wingtips, and bucks are nice to pull out from time to time but nothing beats the comfort feel of a boots during the winter months. Finally, the 8’inch Timberland boots ensure that the snow and slush stay out. As always, the pieces are made to withstand the elements and to look good in the process. We picked these particular boots because of their classic silhouette and their ability to transition to urban and nature settings.
Steven OnojaSteven OnojaSteven Onoja
Perfect for this coming Winter, and textile uppers feature brown leather to keep feet comfortable and durability to stand up to all of their day-to-day adventures. Imported. The boot, overall, is well designed and has a serious balance in weight, shape and texture. The slim and sleek upper resting on the bulky lug sole creates a unique, yet visually pleasing boot. Textures from the rugged suede (ankle), the smooth black leather and the wooden platform are so well thought out, only a veteran brand like Timberland can create a boot like this and make it seem so effortless. The detail and craftsmanship on this boot is top notch, to some it may go unnoticed, but not me.
Steven OnojaSteven Onoja
Check them out at HERE at www.timberland.com

I picked these particular boots because of their tall silhouette and premium leather. With Pendleton lining and handsewn details, these carefully crafted boots are one-of-a-kind. Plus, they look good but they’re still made to withstand the elements – ideal for serious style in the coldest months.Steven Onoja
Photo by: Jeremy Mitchell
Location: Spring St, NY.



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