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It’s just a regular Saturday in the beautiful city of New York and welcome to my obsession of floral tie. I was so lucky enough to get this piece of floral ties from S. gents. Since I owned it, it’s my favorite piece of tie out of many.
Steven OnojaSteve Onoja
This post is one of the most anticipated post concerning accessories, especially the ones I wear. The topic of accessories is so broad that we decided to fraction this topic up largely focusing on floral ties in this volume. It never occurred to me how needed accessories are, until recently I found myself stumbling all over my room looking for specific beads that I own. We are all aware about how accessories can appear so in dept when it comes to our female counterparts. When it comes to males it seems the term “accessories” gets thrown around much more lightly, maybe because people feel it holds some sort of femininity.
Steve OnojaI feel like the majority of guys need to dapple around with accessories, and I’m not talking about the “live-strong” bands even though those are alright. Just the addition of simple beads depending on the coloring can make a big difference in your own outfit. I guess its human nature to become a creature of habit. With each new spotlighted designer package, I try and maintain something familiar and something true to my personal style. Be it a pocket square, or my club masters- each look is still representative of me.
Steven OnojaAccessories: Floral ties are an accessory that can provide an edge and distinction to your getup. It’s important to find the correct style to not only suit your appearance, but also compliment your look. I went through a few ties before I came across the one below that I felt was on point. In terms of variety there is a vast amount of hand accessories for men if you are looking for some to wear. We receive constant emails daily about the accessories we wear showing that people are interested, but are just unaware as where to purchase them.
Steven OnojaFor the time being for this particular Flower tie you can BUY them here at S gent’s web shop at retail for $30.00 – then entering “Stevenonoja” as coupon code, to make sure that there is free shipping. These floral tie run pretty, after some good breaking in the comfort level on the floral tie are bar none.
Steven OnojaSteven Onoja
Shoes: There is a pattern that I see myself going through every summer. It starts with a pair of sneakers and ends with a shoe that shows proof of a summer well spent. This summer I have been religiously wearing these off Prio Brown that was sent to me by Creative recreation 2 weeks ago. Although sneakers have come along way to enhance fit and function it is the simple, classic, canvas shoe that gets me every time.
Steven Onoja
What about you guys? How often do you challenge yourselves and step out of your comfort zone? To stay up to date make sure you follow and like the Facebook page. Thanks for your continuous support!
Steven Onoja
All photos taken by Shola Bashorun of Aqut photography



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