Autumn Wind

Steven OnojaHey Everyone! Fall is officially here, and it’s getting really chilly. So once I feel a bit of chill, that’s a sign for me to bundle up and start to layer my clothing. I can’t deny it though, fall is indeed my favorite season, after spring. The warm weather makes me happy! French Coats are a great piece of clothing for the fall, whether wool, leather, or fur. You name it, there’s a fit and style for everyone and every body shape. What do you guys think about this look?Steven OnojaExcited to share this look I shot while I was in Wall Street. I love a casual outfit and this one is no exception!
Steven Onoja
This was a look I shot with my pal Justin about a week and a half ago. If you’ve read Steven Onoja A.K.A Ostentation and Style for a while you know how much I love a casual outfit. Comfort is my number one goal when getting dressed every morning. be sure to take an extra-special look at the range of colorful accessories. dunhill crafts some of the smartest styles around – if you don’t know the dunhill take on dapper, you don’t know what you’re missing!
Steven Onoja
Steven OnojaSitting alone in my favorite local coffee shop, I feel a familiar breeze. The winds of autumn are slowly picking up and bringing with them spectacular sensory reminders why I love fall so much: pumpkin spiced coffees, falling leaves, and layered jackets.
Steven OnojaSteven Onoja
I’ve lived in New York City for over four years. I can’t say there haven’t been days where I’m not feeling completely jaded with the chaos of this place. I often avoid the busiest areas of the City – like Times Square, Wall Street, Herald Square, and other tourist traps – for fear of losing my sanity among the slow-moving crowds.
Steven Onoja
Shirts – Twillory
Burgundy Sweater – Ben Sherman
Brown French Coat – Brett Johnson
Trouser – Club Monaco
Footwear – Creative recreation
Steven Onoja
When talking about classic F/W detailing,textures, and Burgundy Sweater is right up there in top tier without a doubt. With such simplicity but at the same time well structured and finished Sweater truly is Fall wool staple that every man should own. The great folks at creative recreation sent me these great pair of blue footwear. This Footwear is minimal and classic, great for pairing them with a solid details on your upper half. Not only was the detailing of the logo appealing but also the laces and button detailing caught my eye. Really can’t take yourself too serious all the time right? The buttons and laces detailing is a great way to flare out a little bit of character and personality. However, would I wear them to an extremely formal event? Possibly not.
Steven Onoja
Photography by – Justin Amoafo
Location – Wall Street



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